Do the shipping charges vary from country to country?

Ans. Yes, the shipping charges may vary from country to country. The shipping charges for your destination will be indicated when you place the order.

Will you deliver to any country across the world?

Ans. Yes, we can deliver to any country across the world through our reliable logistics providers such as DHL, FedEx, TNT etc.

Do you accept payment via Debit card?

Ans. Yes, we accept all major Debit cards.

How do I know that my transaction has been successful?

Ans. You would receive an order confirmation via email with the corresponding order number for your future reference.

Do you accept payment via other methods?

Ans. You can make your payment through Bank Transfer method. Please choose your preferred payment method while making your purchases. If you choose the Bank Transfer method then we will send you an email stating the Bank Payment details.

Can the billing address and shipping address be different?

Ans. Yes, the billing address and shipping address can be different.

What is the Shipping charge of the products?

Ans. The Shipping charge is based on the weight of the selected products and destination. If you want to know the shipping charge for your destination, you can check it through shipping charge calculator in Shopping Cart page.

What can I do to change the shipping address after placing the order?

Ans. If you want to change the shipping address, you can intimate the new address via email to gmfashions.in. If the particular order was already shipped before receiving your email, it is not possible to change the delivery address.

Can I give muliple shipping addresses in single order?

Ans. No! It is not possible to give multiple delivery addresses in single order. You can make different orders if you have multiple shipping address.

Can I place the order in Cash on Delivery Method?

Ans. No! There is no cash on delivery method to place order.

What is mean by Billing address?

Ans. Billing address means credit / debit cardholder's address (which is given by card issuing bank for the customer)